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Avenues of Change has been proudly providing high quality after school programing in the Kensington and Fishtown section of Philadelphia  since 2014. What differentiates us from other after school programs is our ability to truly connect with our families, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve.

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About Avenues of Change

Avenues of Change is a grassroots organization that encourages staff members and community members to think critically and creatively of ways to empower undeserved families in the Kensington community.

Our Mission is to empower undeserved families in the Kensington Section of Philadelphia. Targeting families North of Lehigh Avenue by providing STEM educational programing.

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Avenues of Change Services

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In the Classroom

Creative Academic Support

Each student that is in enrolled in the Avenues of Change After school program will receive academic support with there homework. Helping them feel empowered, and confident, which we believe help strengthen their ability to succeed in the classroom.

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Students will be given the opportunity to participate in a enrichment club of there choice. After twelves weeks students have the option to remain in there current enrichment club, or change to a different enrichment club.
Students will be given an evaluation form where they can give there feedback of the enrichment club, and the performance of the instructor. 
Some of the enrichment clubs available are.
1. Sports 
2. Arts and Crafts Club
3. Science Club 
4. Comic Club 
5. Cooking Club

Program Location and Hours

Willard Elementary School 

Mon - Fri: 3pm - 6pm

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